EVE Gallente News: Federation Navy Comet: Cosmetics

November 9, 2011


This litte awesome image is on the test server. Love the addition of race icons on the ships. Though I guess, that is only really sexy to Faction Warfare nerds. Don’t care, awesome. Have to say I am happy to move away from the police light to the Deimos camo. Though overall, still not happy with Camo […]

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Gallente Fittings: The Chubby Rapist: New Dominix Fitting for Crucible Expansion

November 7, 2011


What happens if this expansion note goes unchanged: [*] Neutron Blaster Cannon II   [*] capacitorNeed: 18.2 => 12.74   [*] cpu: 61.0 => 58.0   [*] power: 2363.0 => 2079.0   [*] trackingSpeed: 0.0433 => 0.05196  Well, us Dominix lovers will have a new favorite fitting. [Dominix, Chubby Rapist] Neutron Blaster Cannon II| Neutron […]

EVE Theory Crafting: Rookie Ship Insurance: Improving a Useless Game Feature

November 7, 2011


One of the built-in aspects of the game that is lost in about the first 2 hours of your character’s existence is the need for auto-presented Rookie ships. It is a great idea and a drop net for the ultra-new players, but it becomes an annoying one in only a day of play time. I […]

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Theory Craft: Gallente Cosmetics: 5 Biggest Needed Facelifts

November 2, 2011


As we can see from a revelation found by someone in the visual database for the test server, a new updated design for another Caldari ship has appeared. This fact brought to my attention, like many others, by Jester. The Condor, and subsequently the Crow and Raptor will be getting a much needed face lift. Quite […]

Gallente Fittings: The Death Spirits: An Overlooked Fleet Must

November 1, 2011


My favorite ship in the game for most of my PVP needs is actually the smallest, the Keres. To me it’s surprising to not see more of the famous ‘Golden Bee.’ The ship is a must have in my opinion for fleets. To that effect even greater than a Lachesis or an Arazu, because it […]

Gallente Fittings: The Brute: Using the Opposite of Intended

October 28, 2011


In the world of low security and faction warfare, the Battlecruiser class ship tends to reign as the larger ships you see in fleets. Battleships end up a bit too large for agile movement, less the Nano-Tempest. Among the most used Battlecruisers are the legendary Drake and the Hurricane. Being apart of the Gallente Federation, we […]


October 28, 2011


o/ Today, I start a new blog for my experience and desires in the EVE universe. I come from a long and decent success in Warhammer Online blogosphere with bantering and complaining. And now I hope to accomplish a bit more polished and reasonable theory craft blog with this site. I am a 4 year […]

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